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Past, Present & Future: How Money Memories Play Into Financial Success

It seems obvious that the more we learn about money, the more skilled we’ll be at managing it. But recent research suggests the relationship between financial literacy and personal financial health is more complicated than we’ve been led to believe. According to a new study conducted by MagnifyMoney and… Read more at Following this link… Read more »

Security Alert: Update Your Browser

Dear Account Holders, In the past week an online security vulnerability has been discovered, that has the potential to compromise the computers of account holders accessing the Internet via outdated browsers, such as Internet Explorer versions 5 and 6. In our commitment to your security, and in keeping with industry standards, the Family of Banks will… Read more »

A Simple Antidote to Overspending: Gratitude

Have you ever come home from the grocery store or the mall with something you absolutely don’t need? (We’re looking at you, asparagus peeler.) New research suggests there’s a quick fix—and it’s as simple as pausing to say thanks. That’s according to a study recently published in Psychological Science, which found that feeling grateful can… Read more »

How Much Debt Is Too Much?

Christine DiGangi for Posted on Jan 14, 2014 Big, overwhelming, crushing. Small, manageable, insignificant. There are many ways to characterize debt, but definitions are relative. What exactly constitutes “a lot of debt”? “Any debt is too much if you can’t make the payments,”said Director of Consumer Education Gerri Detweiler. Missing payments can put… Read more »

Net Worth: Why You Need to Know It—and Grow It

When you hear the term “net worth,” they probably conjure up images of oil tycoons and Wall Street bigwigs—you know, those folks who have more money than many third-world countries. But tracking net worth shouldn’t stay relegated to the realm of billionaires because the concept actually has nothing to do with gratuitous wealth… READ MORE: … Read more »

Credit score myths that need to die

Want to get a loan? These persistent misconceptions can hurt your chances. Here are the facts… Read More:     Following this link means you will be leaving the Family of Banks website and going to a third-party website. Please be advised of the following: This external website provides additional information that is consistent… Read more »

401(k) Loans: What You Should Know

When Ivy Simon, a 39-year-old from Chapel Hill, N.C., wanted to buy her first house in 2006, she borrowed $50,000 from her 401(k) for a down payment. She paid back her loan easily, within two years. “I’m glad I did it, and I would do it again,” says Simon, who is now the owner of… Read more »